pinterest tips 15 Minutes A Day To Grow Your Business
pinterest tips 15 Minutes A Day To Grow Your Business

10 Pinterest for Business Tips for 2023

It can feel a bit overwhelming to know where to start when navigating Pinterest. Filed Under: Articles, Pinterest, Pinterest Tips, Social Media Tagged With: pin description, repins, social network, social networking, write pin descriptions, writing effective pin description. Remember when we said that Pinterest is like a search engine for beautiful images. Visit Pinterest’s full guide to set up the Pixel tag on your website. Consider this: if one of your pins is showing up everywhere, every day, do you think users will be more likely to click on your pin. Style is an interest. Here are a few more tips and ideas for pinners who want to use the platform to benefit their business. Pinterest uses your following list to decide where you’ll appear in users’ suggested Boards and profiles. Extra information about the pin is connected to rich pins aboveand below the picture. Video content on Pinterest can be an incredible way to bring your ideas to life with motion and sound. That’s mainly because the link won’t be clickable, so someone would have to copy and paste. This Pin format makes it easier for Pinners to shop for similar products. Pinterest Analytics is a free tool that helps businesses measure their marketing success on Pinterest. If you’re looking to take your Pinterest account to the next level and don’t already use a scheduler, this would be a great place to start. Becoming a recognized vendor alsomakes it simpler for site visitors interested in your wares to buy them on thespot. A few things to consider with a strategy of pinning more. Adding text and titles to your Idea Pin that showcase keywords and trending ideas help optimize your content so it gets surfaced in search. Re pinning too much also increases your chance of being labelled as a spammer. This happens often when you create a guest board for your business and invite an influencer to pin to it. After you start publishing on Pinterest, you can start analyzing your post performance at different hours and on different days of the week. Set a time period to run the test, and then compare each post’s performance using Pinterest analytics. Too many hashtags is distracting and it can look spammy. Despite being primarily visual, many traditional ways of increasing search engine optimization apply to Pinterest.

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Make the text on your images easy to read. I had no idea about group boards or any of this tbh. You’ll also select campaign budgets and objectives. The main one is that Pinterest is prioritizing Idea Pins right now. Tailwind also has a feature called “Communities” that works in a similar way. Because there is a limit to how many pins you can add to SmartLoop, you want to save this feature for your most popular blog topics on Pinterest. Plus, Pinterest users have the highest purchase intent of any other social media users. The tool is open source and easy to use. Pinterest shared insights into the most viral content on the platform at the October 2020 Pinterest Creators Festival. This is the URL of your Pinterest profile. It is how people will find the pin when searching for relevant content and is even important when Google searches on Pinterest so this is an important thing to pay attention to when pinning on Pinterest. A good way to to do this is to follow these steps. Image sources: Pablo, UnSplash, IconFinder, Pinterest. So be creative here and make sure to take advantage of the 500 character limit. Attach hyperlinks for redirects to your related accounts. It’s recommended that you use image dimensions from about 2:3 and 1. Users add, or Pin, their chosen content to boards with a common theme to keep it organized so other users can discover new content related to their interests. Many people have the misconception that Pinterest is this happy ‘soft’ social media site for DIY moms and brides, where everything is always all perfect and dandy. Or click the button below for more information. If you want to know how your pins are doing, make sure you are on a Pinterest Business Account, and from there, you can go check your Pinterest Analytics. This will instantly discourage followers from continuing on to your site. You can place a “Pin It” button on the site, giving the readers an option to “Pin” content from your blog to their boards. Enter your email to getour free report.

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Here’s a quick example I came up with. According to Vectornator, “a pin isn’t just any old social media image; a pin exists to communicate something specific on a social media network dedicated to sharing valuable information through visual content. One of the primary goals of Pinterest marketing is to boost sales and engagement. Most of my social traffic obviously comes from Pinterest. I hope you’ve found my Beginner’s guide to Pinterest for Bloggers helpful. For those looking to boost engagement, number of followers, and new leads off platform, Pinterest contests are a fantastic marketing tool. MeetEdgar simplifies authentic social media automation for entrepreneurs and creators. Tuesday 24th of March 2020. I have pins in my boards that are from other people from a while back. Consider which ad format makes the most sense for your brand. See it in action on this search for “autumn bucket list. Setting up a new profile is super simple. And then at least ten other boards for repining content. Accounts that are a part of the program receive a coveted verified check mark confirming the account has been vetted by Pinterest, have products show up under related search terms, can activate a profile “shop” tab, and are able to access unique insights to see conversion data. Pinterest is a search engine so the more keywords you can include that people are looking for, the better chance people have of finding your pin. When adding text to your images, it’s a good idea to also add your visual brand to your pins. Oh my goodness – thank you for teaching me about Pinterest keywords, Kate. If you’re after pins from specific sites only, simply pop this URL into your browser:. Start by adding the Pinterest tag to your website to track conversions. I had a one to one session with Rachel Sandall from Pin House under her Set Up and Strategy Package. Once you have your core board set up, you can set up additional boards.

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Check out our complete Social Media Video Ad Specs and Placements Guide. If your content is very niche, you’re going to have fewer people searching for it on Pinterest. Additionally, by engaging with your users on Pinterest, you can create a community of followers who are interested in your content. Here are the results. Brands need access to the additional tools you get with a business account in order to monitor performance, run ads and create rich pins. It’s an easy way to increase your outreach. And Pinterest has Pinners. Learn more about SEO and Pinterest here. Once you have a first draft, go through and highlight the relevant words that someone might search on Pinterest to find your profile. The Pinterest basic model is based on Images and it might not be wrong calling Pinterest as an Image based social networking site. Whichever method is right for your brand, once you’re set up with a Pinterest business account, you’re ready to start marketing on Pinterest. I just updated that section, because it’s increasingly evident that re pinning doesn’t really help much. Here are seven tips to make the most out of it. For example “Easy No bake Dinners” is better than “Food. That has gotta be the most awesome article I have read in a long time.

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It’s essentially a digital mood board that’s tailored for users who enjoy discovering – and with 72% of people on Pinterest using the platform to find brands, it’s also a super tool to build brand awareness online and position those high value products right in front of your target audience. Affiliate marketing isn’t dead. Learn how your comment data is processed. Not connecting your website to your social networks is a bad practice for all social networks, but especially for Pinterest. Even when Pinterest users don’t make a purchase while browsing the platform, they’re over 7x more likely to purchase products they’ve saved, and Pinners have outspent. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon. I hope you all have gotten some great actionable steps from my interview with Jennifer. You can achieve all of these things for your business by following the Pinterest marketing strategies we reviewed and incorporating the available tools and resources to help you succeed as a business on the platform. Looking for Pinterest board ideas. Sounds amazing, right. There are specific things I wish every new Pinterest creator would do.

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There are other factors that help you rank high engagement. Similar to the Explore page on Instagram, this page is where Pinterest users get inspiration on the trending topics and most popular Pins on Pinterest. This makes it easier for users to share your images, and you can also control what images from your site are shareable. Board descriptions – Including board descriptions help the Pins saved to that board appear to relevant audiences. According to Pinterest, the best image aspect ratios are between a 2:3 and 1:3. To make it easier for yourself, re pin it one week later. You can also add in some slightly off niche boards to spice things up a bit, if you like. That’s super spammy behavior that will get you banned. In fact, 97% of Pinterest searches are unbranded. Your cover photo is your first impression. I have Simple Pin Media with the keyword Pinterest marketing next to my name. I definitely know I wouldn’t be where I am without my Tailwind account. Rather than spam the app with lots of Pins at once, spread your content out over a span of the whole 24 hours. Your boards should be optimized with keywords in the description. This multiple image strategy is one that many have used to great success with DIY posts and how to guides.

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Book a demo to find out how we can help you make the most of this opportunity. Vertical pins do best. Volkswagen USA is a good example of a business that has created a visual archive. Pin images that will help inspire and dazzle your followers. Be sure to remind your kid not to give out any personal information on the platform, and to let you know if anyone is making them uncomfortable. And the good news is, Promoted Pins are really easy to set up with Pinterest Ad Manager and fit seamlessly in with your boards and Pin style. Much like Google’s algorithm depends on SEO to understand how to rank content, Pinterest does the same. You have the right content. He’s been sharing his expertise in making quality and competitive content. Pinterest is that corkboard you used to own with that tropical beach postcard, that untested magazine recipe, and that photo of Leonardo Dicaprio or was that just us. As long as you’re pinning relevant pins to your relevant boards.

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You’ll see a dropdown menu that says Create Pin or Board. Just like when you are writing your blog articles or posting on your business Instagram account, you want your content to be searchable. I’m sharing all of them, so you can figure out which one works best for you. If you want the COMPLETE guide to using Pinterest for business, be sure to check out my full, detailed blog post linked below. A good way to target these keywords and trends is also to reshare others content that relates and create boards specifically for these trends. It’s OK for your idea pins to come from existing content, but you must repurpose it in a smart way. Pinterest Boards are where you save your Pins. These are the details of my blog posts. You can tweet/post about your new pin/board on various social media platforms. Ninety percent of our top pins for the past three weeks included a shortened buff. While the platform’s best practices may have changed, the benefits definitely have not: Pinterest continues to be an amazing platform for building sustainable, long term growth for service based on e commerce businesses. Finally, adjust the scheduled time if needed, and hit Save to schedule your Pin. No matter how it’s done, the idea is to make your logo memorable along with that awesome Pin. Next, click on the three dots symbol on the top right hand corner of your screen and select “Upgrade your account”. The world of Pinterest revolves around high quality images called Pins. On Pinterest, their description reads, “Organik SEO is a green friendly online marketing company specializing in social media and SEO. As you pin and repin, Juicer’s social media aggregator will automatically display your pins on the feed in addition to your other social media chatter. To make the most of the platform, upload your business’s content from your computer or mobile device, Pin content you find on the platform, and add content you find on the web using the Pinterest browser button. A pin can link to any web page, not just online shops. Enterprise Account Based Marketing Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide. If I didn’t click on the first one, I am not going to think “oh you know I didn’t like this pin with the dark grey background, but now that I see it with that blue background, of yes now I am interested in the product”. I can bet most pinners have no description on their boards. Consider that a bonus tip because I have one more big one ;. Make sure that the boards you participate in are well curated, have a good number of active members, and moderators who are quick to remove people who violate the spirit of the group board. What the Idea ads look like. Many brands use Pinterest to showcase product images while sharing content. ” Her work and designs have been featured on HuffPost, TODAY, Pioneer Woman, HGTV, BuzzFeed, Better Homes and Gardens, and many other established publications. If you do this regularly, this will definitely help you grow your Pinterest followers and get more traffic to your blog. They both contain a brief description, price, and a direct link to the associated product page on your company’s website.

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The pin/save button appears directly on your website’s product pages, making it easy for browsers to Pin and share a link to their own Boards. Next, pin an image to that board and add the original pin URL in the caption. Click To Copy The Pinterest Code. These instructions show you how to set up the browser button and once it’s installed, you can click it while viewing a piece of content you’d like to Pin. We will cover everything you need to know in this massive post. Want to learn how to build a blog like this. There are five types of rich pins. We now recommend duplicating Pins sparingly. You can add handy Follow and Pin It widgets that will make it easy for visitors to your website to pin content or share your products with the click of a button. Pinterest is a social media platform in which users explore, share, and store visual content they find inspiring, helpful, or entertaining. To let you in on all my secrets and strategies, I created this list of 40 epic ways to grow your Pinterest account, traffic, and sales. Micro bangs are small but mighty and expect that for hair trends across the Pinterest board as we enter 2023. Doing so will help you grow your network and push your Pins to a larger audience. You can search for those specific interests rather than treading through enormous categories in hopes of stumbling across the right content. So you don’t need special permission to create or become a part of group boards. Essentially Pinterest’s equivalent of the Facebook pixel, this small piece of JavaScript will allow you to. If you are commenting on these popular Pins, your brand name will be seen by the huge number of people who follow those Boards. Very helpful blog post thank you. The other option is to have a group board on Pinterest that you can turn to. See this related guide for recommendations on a Pinterest keyword tool for doing effective keyword research and analysis for SEO. Skin Care by Gal Meets Glam. A call to action or CTA is just a sentence that prompts people to take the next step, the desired action. And don’t forget to add a category to each board this will help you appear in more search results. Save time managing your Pinterest presence using Hootsuite. You may also like: How To Develop Your Business Idea.

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Pinterest does an amazing job of giving its visitors places to click for more information. These products and Pins will also show up when users conduct non branded, generic searches. Add stuff to your boards periodically. Here’s how to schedule your Pins with Later. You may also like: How To Use Pinterest For Beginners. Thanks for the awesome guide. You could also create a group board and invite your followers to pin posts to your board to build a community and grow your audience. Simply click on ‘+’ on your Pinterest page and select ‘Pin’. The all you need social media toolkit. Pinterest demographics skew mostly female. If Pinterest is sending you high quality traffic but you aren’t able to convert it into leads or sales, then what’s the point. Image sources: Pablo, UnSplash, IconFinder, Pinterest. Board names can be up to 100 characters in length. You can also invite people to join your boards — which would make your board a “group board” — if you want other contributors to add content they believe works with your board’s theme. If you have a website, you can create content that’s relevant to the products or services you’re promoting. Your keywords here should cover as many relevant bases as possible. Manually Pinning content is a great option as well if you’re in a pinch, but I prefer the Pinterest Browser Button or Buffer Extension in order to stay consistent on Pinterest and maximize results. There are 5 steps to doing this. For best Pinterest SEO results, this doesn’t and shouldn’t. That’s the only time I would really re pin a pin. This page also appears on chronological order so you can keep up with any new posts by accounts and boards that you follow. Looping is essnwtially resharing played out old pins, so not worth it in my opinion.


Check out our review of the top 8 digital marketing agencies in the UK to find out more. That’s a gain of 104 clicks per day—a 2x increase—with Rich Pins. Shoppers on Pinterest spend a whopping 80% more than users on other social media platforms and have a 40% bigger average cart size too. Let’s look at a winning pin in action. Pinterest Marketing for Travel Brands: The Essential Guide ». Below mentioned are the steps that you must follow efficiently. Pinterest can “see” our images. Now, let’s review some Pinterest marketing strategies to help you improve your influence and impact on your audience. You may improve your Pinterest SEO by including relevant keywords inyour display name. Use this 6 step strategy to kick off your Pinterest marketing. Find the one that works for you. As long as you’re pinning relevant pins to your relevant boards. Posting high quality, original content once a week is better than posting content that’s been recycled around the internet every day. Additionally, you can follow other users to see what they are sharing and get inspired by their stories. Once you’re in the right Group, click the + symbol at the top of your calendar. Pinterest claims that the best Pins are visually compelling, tell a good story, and make people want to learn more. This will not only help your followers and viewers find even more Pins that interest them, but it’s a way to showcase your business as an authority in your sector, and you’ll so become a go to resource for inspiration and information. Check out these posts to learn more about how to find keywords and where to use them. To get started as a Pinterest creator, simply follow the below next steps.

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